About Artist

My name is Mariyana, and I am a UK artist based in Sevenoaks, Kent.
Art has always been the driving force behind my actions. As a child, I was always fascinated by how things looked, but as I grew older, I discovered painting as an alternate means of expression. It's not just about looking at art; it's about creating something that is entirely your own and that you can share with others.
I have always been fascinated by colors and their impact on the human psyche; their ability to evoke emotions, memories, and experiences. My work explores this connection between color and emotion through abstract forms that are inspired by natural scenery or found objects.
My work tends to be abstract with a landscape influence; I like to mix colors and textures to create something unique and expressive.
I mostly work in acrylics, but I also dabble in oil, egg tempera, and even sand. My paintings express different moods and emotions—sometimes they're bold and vibrant, other times they're soft and dreamy. You can usually tell what kind of day I've had by looking at my latest piece.
My favorite technique is working with a palette knife—it gives me the freedom to create unique textures while still keeping the colors vibrant!
I started painting because I love creating.
I love the process. I love the smell of paint and the feel of it on my hands. I love seeing a blank canvas, knowing there's something inside it waiting to be born, and then watching that something come alive in front of my eyes.
My goal is to create each painting with care and utmost attention so that it becomes a treasured piece of art that will stand the test of time. I take pride in the fact that my paintings are done by hand, one brushstroke at a time—no machines or computers involved just me and my trusty brush (and maybe some coffee!).
I'm so grateful to everyone who has supported me on my journey as an artist—it's been a long one, but it's been worth it!
Authenticity Guaranteed
All my artwork is signed and includes a Certificate of Authenticity, so you can rest easy knowing you're getting the real deal!